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5 reasons why Liverpool can make it to the Top 4

A great start for Liverpool as they has now gone from being in the relegation zone to becoming a serious contender for the Top 4 Champion League spot. But will Liverpool maintain their current form in 2015/2016 after Christmas? As the Premiership has shown to be more competitive and cruel to teams that fail to change or adept to the current intensity of the game.

Here are our top 5 reasons why Liverpool can get into the top 4 spot.


Reason 1 – The Jurgen Klopp Effect

It is clear that the arrival of Jurgen Klopp has improved the team overall performance and morale. He is a manager who is able to understand the team dynamics and gel the team into an attacking nightmare that terrorises the opponents’ defence. Being a man-manager, he can communicate well with the players and able to get the best out of them.

In addition, the players are more hungry and aggressive to impress their new manager. Only time will tell whether the current form can continue to hold.

The Normal One


Reason 2 – The Champions’ Mentality

Liverpool has not won the Premiership since the old League Cup but that doesn’t mean that they lack the champions’ mentality to win the League. In the 1985-86 season Kenny Dalglish’s team trailed league leaders Everton by five points with 13 games to go and still go on to win the League. In the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final, they came from behind 0-3 down to score 3 goals back and won the dramatic penalty shootout, allowing their old guard, Steven Gerrard to win his first major championship.

With a proud tradition, loyal supporters and the Champions’ Mentality, there is no doubt that history will do well to serve Liverpool this time.

If you can’t win, then act like a Champion


Reason 3 – Rise of Star Players (Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino)

It is said that no matter how strong the team can be, their performances will be solely influenced by their star player’s form as shown by Chelsea’s Hazard and Manchester United Rooney.

Coutinho and Firmino have been absolutely devastating up front and their deep understanding between each other has started to better the morale of the Liverpool players. In the past, the Reds has relied far too heavily on Coutinho, but with the arrival of Roberto Firmino, it will definitely lessen the load on providing the creative stakes.

Plus with Daniel Sturridge returning from injury, they can become the most potent attaching force in Premier League.

Nothing is better than 2 Brazilian on their front strike force


Reason 4 – Inconsistency of Big Teams

It’s not to say that Liverpool has excelled too well to claim a stake in the top 4 but rather that they have been helped much by the inconsistency of the other big teams in the league. Chelsea has been performing well below par this season which could be caused by a few events e.g. Eva Carneiro scandal. Manchester United has been finding it hard to put the goal in the net due to the Louis Van Gaal’s stagnant tactics and possession gameplay. With this, Liverpool can capitalise on the problems of their opponents and hope to catch a slot in the top 4.


Reason 5 – No Champions League

Currently, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea are playing in the Champions League which means their attention is divided and players often has to travel around for the fixtures. Liverpool has a slight advantage as they can focus more on getting into the Top 4 rather than spreading their resources too thin. Although Liverpool has the Europa League, it is known to be a poor man brother to the prestigious Champions League and big teams are known to field weaker players to complete.

No Champion League, no Problem!


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