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5 reasons why organising football is a pain

Are you tired of organising game when friends don’t turn up, or having not enough friends to join your games? Turns out that you are not the only one facing this problem. Here are the top 5 problems that are currently faced by people when it comes to organising a football game.

Reason 1 — Where are your friends?

This doesn’t just apply to football games but any meet-ups. There are times that you want to play a game, but you just don’t have enough friends to make up the game when they are always busy, not interested or the location is too far.


Reason 2 — Last minute cancellation

We have all witnessed that friend who always says “GAME ON” but always back out at the last minute. Nothing can be more frustrating than taking your precious time to make game arrangement and then having that one friend to screw everything up.


Reason 3 — Communicating the Game details to Friends

It’s essential to ensure the game details e.g. date, location etc. are passed around correctly and in time to your friends. This becomes problematic when information is scattered over multiple communication platforms and can be equally troublesome when you need to consolidate the responses of your friends.


Reason 4 — Finding the perfect time and location

Many a times, you want to book a pitch but find it a hassle to go through the multiple service provider websites to find the pitch with the best price, best location or right types. Even worse, by the time you go back to the website, the pitch may already have been booked.


Reason 5 — Too competitive

Friends always say that the game are casual, but when its on the ground, it starts to become too serious and physical, causing many unnecessary confrontation and turning people away from the games. It will be good if you can find like-minded friends to play casually and relaxing.


We are a group of football fanatics who have our fair share of organising football games. We have came out with GameDay to help football lovers around the world to overcome these issues to organise football games easily . All you need to do is download the app and sign up for free to make organising games hassle-free.