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A New Beginning

It has always been amazing serving the football community. 

However, we have a difficult announcement to make. Gameday will be moving our direction to focus on serving team footballers and will be ending our services catering for casual footballers. We’re proud that we’ve been able to organise and join some of the football and futsal games, but we need to focus our resources elsewhere.

This is a new beginning for us and our users, and we’re working hard to make this change as easy as possible. We are committed in focusing and bringing a whole new experience to our users in the football community.

In a few days time, we will be releasing our new Gameday version. After months of effort in attending to valuable feedback from users and making Gameday mobile app user experience and performance better, we just couldn’t be happier to bring this new change to you all!

We are also streamlining and removing many of the features to realign our focus on serving the team users to make the app much easier to use than before. Please do not be surprised if you do not see messaging and social features in the new version.

We always believe that football (and other sports) is more than just simply playing a game. Getting insights on past game performances and improving future team dynamics is important in making a team grow and improve. Likewise, encouragement within the team spirit is a very important aspect of the game.

With our mission in giving every footballer and team an identity in the competitive football scene, we hope that every football team can start keeping track on their game performances to make better team insight and approach to their next game.

Thank you for using Gameday and Happy National Day to all Singapore footballers.