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Using GameDay

If you are not sure on how to use GameDay, this post is just for you! Over here, we will describe the basic features of the GameDay mobile application, and let you know how it can help you in organising your football games better!


We hope that you have downloaded the application and started looking around the application. This post is for us to explain to the basic features of GameDay, especially if you are new to our mobile application.

To download the application, you can go to the Apple App Store link here, or the Android Play Store here.

We are currently at version 0.4.1, and we are still testing features with our users. But we have decided to ship what we have been working on at version 0.4.1 because we feel that it is ready to help solve some of the problems that surface in our process of organising football games.

The main features of GameDay version 0.4.1 are:

  • Login via Facebook
  • Create your own teams and interest groups
  • Organise games at a selected venue
  • Invite your friends and teams to your games
  • Confirming attendance for games
  • Applauding (voting for) performers in your games

It is as simple as that. We are trying to solve the problem of not getting enough players for your games, which can be a pretty annoying issue when you have already made sufficient plans for it. By creating teams, you’ll be able to organise games quickly with a few taps on the app. We want to make it easy for you to organise games between you and your friends to play the beautiful game.

Signing Up

Signing up is as simple as tapping the ‘Continue with Facebook’ button. We verify your mobile number so that we can connect you to your friends and teams.

We recommend that you sign up through Facebook at the start so that you can find Facebook friends that are already on the platform. It’s easier too :p One step here is to enter your mobile number. We have this, so as to firstly verify that you are a real person (which is important for a social application), and also to match any team or group invitations that your friends may have signed you up for. So, all you need is to just enter your mobile number and you’ll be joined with your football kakis together.

P.S We will never sell or distribute your mobile numbers! These are just for verification purposes.

Guide and Adding Friends


Once you are on the application, there will be a short guide to tell you what GameDay is about — creating a group amongst your friends, a list of your upcoming games, creating games to play, and finally recognising your friends for their talents on the pitch.

We then recommend potential friends and teams that you should join, which is dependent on whether you are friends in real life, or if they have invited you on GameDay.

Creating Teams/Groups

Creating a team or an interest group is as easy as adding your own friends. Just choose who you want to invite, from your list of friends, or from your contact list.

Before organising a game, it may be beneficial for you to create a team or interest group of friends. This will make it easier for future games, as you can repeat games with your teams easily. Every game for your team counts towards its history and you will be able to see how you have played against your opponents.

You can invite not only friends on GameDay, but also friends from your mobile phone’s contact list. We will send an SMS invitation to your friend so that he or she can immediately come on board the application and the group that you have created when they register.

 Organising a Game

Choose a venue, the game details followed by inviting your teams or friends.

We finally arrive at the main feature in GameDay — organising your games. Games are the fundamental blocks of anyone’s football career. The more games you play, the better you become. To organise a game, all you need is to have a location you want to play at, the date, time and know who you intend to invite. Invitations can also be sent out to mobile contacts in which we will send SMSes to your friends to inform them about the game.

After the game is created, all you have to do is to just wait for your friends to respond to the invitation! One cool thing we have developed is that we allow your friends to invite their friends when you need more players. Just enable that option when the creating the game.

Post-Game Interactions

Who’s your man of the match? Recognise your friends for their efforts!

After the game is played, GameDay will automatically ask you to vote for your best performer out of a few friends. You can select one player, and applaud him for one of his skills, e.g. finishing, goalkeeping. We have devised an algorithm such that everyone stands an equal chance of getting voted for. By giving you a small group of users to vote for, this will help the votes to go to a few rather than just one person. This is a team game, and everyone of different positions are worthy of being praised for their efforts.

Rating each other’s performance is a reciprocal matter. It comes from the desire to help each other to improve, by first recognising each others’ strengths and then pointing out on how to improve their game. It feels great to have caring team-mates that help each other in the beautiful game.

Organise and Play more!

From here, you can organise more games with your teams. You can even organise games to include multiple teams or groups together. We hope you invite more friends to use GameDay and please do feedback to us on what you want to see on GameDay too!

We are always available at or message us at our Facebook Page here. Find out more about GameDay at our website.

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    hey there, are we able to specify more than 1 game type for a team?