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Why is keeping track of your footballing stats important?


Statistics are studies of collections, accurate interpretation of data. People always use statistic to help them plan effectively for activities that occur daily in our life e.g. traffic conditions, weather seasons etc. When used correctly in sports, it can help predict the players’ future results through past records and trends.

I sure that you guys know about Moneyball, which  tells the true story of a coach who pioneered a radical use of data based on player performance to turn around the fortunes of his cash-strapped side. By using statistics, he cast aside traditional scouting opinions. Nevertheless, his approach was a success and Beane’s side closed the gap between his cash-strapped outfit and other richer franchises.

When we first designed GameDay, we wanted to develop an app that could help players to connect with friends and footballers as well as a platform to improve their game play. That is why we chose to include comprehensive statistics into our app because having it can help to provide a substantial, subjective measure of the player’s overall contribution and quality.

As football is widely played with a group or team throughout the world, the team can help to contribute data points that can be used to analysed and better presented to help improve the player future performances.

Below are some of the reasons why statistics are important.

1. Your teammate’s opinion

Sometimes when you play with friends, you may wonder what kind of opinions or advice they have for you in terms of performance and which area you should improve upon. Even if they do give you opinion when on the field, it can be affected by the on-field emotions of your friends which ultimately might not be accurate. This is where our GameDay comes in to help give a more accurate statistic of the players on the field by providing a sequential process of inputting statistics and managing them.

2. Stats give you more accurate representation of the players’ performance.

When inviting friends or getting strangers to join, it is not possible to know how the player will fare because you seldom play with him/her or have not seen him/her in action yet. However with our team profile statistics, team captains are able to see the performance and statistic of the player e.g. goals/game, assist/games, win rate etc and can choose whether to accommodate this player to fit the current strength of the squad.

3. Stats make you a better player

Having an accurate representation of your on-field performance by your friends, you can now work on them rather than trying to blind guess what your weaknesses or strengths are. Not only that, the element of competition can also help in motivating the team into improving more.

Start to improve your performances and start organising game with our GameDay app.

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